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Alice A206 Acoustic Guitar String


Processed with our special silver-plating technique, wound strings have a bright silvery appearance and warm delicate timbre. A production of automatic winding machines, consistent in quality and performance.
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Product Description

  • Plain String: Stainless Steel
  •   String Core: Steel
    Wound Strings: Phosphor Bronze Color Copper Alloy Winding
    Coating: Anti-Rust Coating
    Ball-End: Nickel-Plated
    Packing: Plastic Box
    For acoustic guitars, entry-level strings

Alice A206 acoustic guitar strings<span “=””> are economy strings, especially for beginners. It’s the best acoustic guitar strings. The 6-string acoustic guitar’s wound strings are made of our new copper alloy in phosphor bronze color. With anti-rust coating, these strings last much longer before oxidation sets in.




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