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Limited Combo Offer-Offer 12


  • Material: Premium-grade nylon for durability.
  • Shape: Standard, ensuring comfortable handling.
  •  Gauge: Medium for balanced flexibility and control.
  • Quantity: Includes five picks for ample spares.
  • Versatility: Ideal for rehearsals, gigs, and practice sessions.

Availability: 99 in stock

Product Description

Unleash your guitar potential with the 5pc D’Addario Nyl Pro Pick offer. Crafted from premium-grade nylon, each pick guarantees durability and a smooth playing experience. With a standard shape and medium gauge, find the perfect balance between flexibility and control. This exclusive offer includes five picks, ensuring you’re always equipped for rehearsals, gigs, and practice sessions. Elevate your playing with the reliability and consistency of D’Addario. Specs: Material: Nylon; Shape: Standard; Gauge: Medium; Quantity: 5 picks. Upgrade your gear arsenal and transform your sound with this unbeatable offer.




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