Acoustica BD

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  • Material: High-quality polycarbonate blend
  • Gauge Options: Available in Thin, Medium, and Heavy thicknesses
  • Texture: Textured surface for enhanced grip and control
  • Packaging: Each pack contains 6 picks
  • Color: Sleek black design

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Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of guitar picks with Dunlop Black Ice, meticulously crafted to enhance your musical performance. Made from a high-quality polycarbonate blend, these picks offer durability and resilience, ensuring they withstand rigorous playing sessions. Available in a range of thicknesses including Thin, Medium, and Heavy, they cater to diverse playing styles and preferences. The textured surface provides enhanced grip and control, empowering you to express yourself with confidence and precision.

Each pack includes six picks, ensuring you’re always ready for extended jam sessions or gigs. The sleek black design adds a professional touch to your gear ensemble. Precision-engineered for consistency and tone, Dunlop Black Ice picks are suitable for guitarists of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Elevate your musical journey and unleash your creativity with Dunlop Black Ice picks, where every strum resonates with power and clarity.




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