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NUX MG-400 Guitar & Bass Processor


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The NUX MG-400 is a powerful and versatile guitar & bass processor that provides a punch without breaking the bank. This feature-rich pedalboard powerhouse is your all-in-one solution for creating incredible tones, from classic amp modeling to studio-quality effects.

Unleash Sonic Potential:

  • HD Amp Modeling: Dual DSP chips drive NUX’s renowned White-Box amp modeling technology, delivering realistic and responsive amp simulations. Dial in legendary tones or forge your own signature sound.
  • Flexible Signal Routing: Sculpt your sound with 10 independent, moveable signal blocks. Experiment with endless effect combinations and create unique sonic landscapes.
  • Premium Impulse Responses (IRs): Load your choice of IRs with a massive 512-sample resolution for studio-grade cabinet emulation. Craft the perfect speaker response to complement your amp tones.
  • Built-in Effects Galore: Explore a vast library of top-tier stompbox effects, noise reduction, EQs, delays, reverbs, and more. Refine your sound with the flexible P.L block for precise parameter control.

Designed for Players, Built for Performance:

  • Intuitive User Interface: A large, color LCD screen and easy-to-navigate controls make crafting and editing tones a breeze.
  • Scene Function: Effortlessly switch between tones or activate/deactivate effects with the dedicated Scene footswitches. Perfect for live performance or quick sound changes.
  • Built-in Drum Machine and Looper: Practice with a variety of drum grooves and rhythms, or layer your riffs with the built-in looper to create expansive soundscapes.
  • USB Audio Interface: Connect directly to your computer for recording, reamping, or live streaming. The MG-400 is your Swiss Army Knife for studio and performance use.

The NUX MG-400 is the perfect choice for guitarists and bassists seeking a versatile and powerful processor at an incredible value. Experience a world of sonic possibilities and elevate your playing to new heights.




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