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Sqoe Ovation-Carbon Fibre-Electro Acoustic Guitar


  • Carbon Fibre Construction
  • Unique Ovation Design
  • Electro-Acoustic Capability
  • Advanced Pickup System
  • Customizable Controls

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Product Description

Sqoe Ovation

The Sqoe Ovation-Carbon Fibre-Electro Acoustic Guitar is a remarkable instrument that combines state-of-the-art technology and exquisite craftsmanship to produce unrivaled performance and aesthetics. Its innovative design and premium materials set new standards for acoustic sound production.


  • Carbon Fibre Construction: The high-grade carbon fiber body of the Sqoe Ovation ensures durability, lightweight design, exceptional resonance properties, optimal tonal balance, clarity, and projection, as well as enhanced resistance to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Distinctive Ovation Design: The Sqoe Ovation, with its innovative composite body shape inspired by the iconic Ovation rounded back design, enhances acoustic resonance and comfort for long playing sessions.
  • Electro-Acoustic Capability: The Sqoe Ovation guitar combines advanced electronics to seamlessly blend acoustic and electric elements, providing musicians with a wide range of performance options for different musical genres and settings.
  • Advanced Pickup System: The Sqoe Ovation features a premium pickup system that captures the guitar’s sound with unparalleled accuracy. The pickup system faithfully reproduces every note and subtle tonal variation. It is suitable for both stage performances and studio recordings.
  • Customizable Controls: The onboard preamp system features customizable controls for fine-tuning the guitar’s amplified sound according to the player’s preferences. With options to adjust volume, tone, and EQ settings, musicians have full control over shaping their desired sound with precision and ease.
  • Premium Hardware: The Sqoe Ovation boasts top-notch hardware, including precision-engineered tuning machines and high-quality bridge and saddle components, all designed to enhance performance and reliability while providing stable tuning, optimal string action, and exceptional playability.
  • Exquisite Finish Options: Available in a range of stunning finish options, including glossy and matte variations, the Sqoe Ovation exudes elegance and sophistication. Each finish is meticulously applied to enhance the guitar’s visual appeal while preserving the natural beauty of the carbon fibre construction.

Sqoe Ovation Series:

The Sqoe Ovation Series is a collection of acoustic guitars. This Series combine traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create exceptional sound. Each guitar is designed to inspire musicians with a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and cutting-edge performance.




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