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Uma-23TU-Concert Size Ukulele


  • Concert size (comfy playing)
  • Warm wood body (unspecified)
  • Smooth rosewood/ebony fretboard
  • 18 frets (more tones)
  • Standard tuners (easy tuning)

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Product Description

Uma-23TU Concert Size Ukulele

The Uma-23TU Concert Size Ukulele hails from Taiwan, known for its quality instrument production. While exact details might be limited, based on Uma Ukuleles’ offerings and the “23TU” designation, here’s a breakdown of its potential specifications:

  • Size: Concert (larger body than soprano ukuleles)
    • Benefits: More comfortable playing experience, fuller sound, greater projection.
  • Scale Length: 24″
    • Benefit (assumed): More space between frets for easier playing, especially for those with larger hands.
  • Body Material: Sapele
    • Benefits: Warmth, resonance, affordability, durability.
  • Neck Material: Not always specified, but mahogany is a common choice for ukuleles due to its strength and stability.
  • Fretboard Material: Likely rosewood or ebony, popular choices for ukuleles due to their smooth playing surface.
    • Benefit: Contributes to a warm tone (especially rosewood).
  • Number of Frets: 18 (common on concert ukuleles)
    • Benefit: More tonal options and playing possibilities.
  • Finish: Natural or stained finish (depending on retailer information).
  • Machine Heads: Standard chrome for smooth tuning adjustments (based on typical Uma Ukuleles offerings).
  • Strings: Standard 4-string ukulele configuration (material likely nylon or fluorocarbon).

In Conclusion:

The Uma-23TU Concert Ukulele, made in Taiwan, promises a comfortable playing experience, warm sound, and affordability due to its size and typical Uma Ukulele construction. While some details may be hard to find, Uma Ukulele’s reputation suggests good quality for the price. If you’re in the market for a comfortable concert ukulele that focuses on playability without breaking the bank, it’s worth considering the Uma-23TU. You can check out retailer descriptions or contact Uma Ukuleles directly for the most accurate specifications.

Uma Ukulele

UMA, Unidentified Mysterious Animal, only existing in the legends and imagination.

But for us, UMA represents the connection between human being and Nature.

UMA is the song of Formosa, the song of the wishes for true, for good, and for love.

And therefore, we believe UMA is more than the legends and imagination.

We sincerely invite you to experience the touching voice from Formosa : the island of true and love.




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