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Yamaha-CS40-Nylon String-Classical Guitar


  • 3/4 size for young learners</li>
  • Spruce top for bright tone
  • pos=”3:1-3:46″>Nato or agathis back & sides for warmth
  • Nylon strings for comfort
  • Rosewood fingerboard for quality

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Product Description

Yamaha CS40

The Yamaha CS40 is a 3/4 size nylon-string classical guitar specifically designed for young learners. Its compact design and comfortable features make it an ideal choice for children who are just starting out on their musical journey.

Sized for Success:

One of the key features of the CS40 is its reduced scale length of 580mm (compared to around 650mm for a full-size classical guitar). This shorter scale makes it easier for children with smaller hands to comfortably reach the frets and form chords. The overall body size is also reduced, making it lighter and more manageable for younger players.

Comfort Matters:

The CS40 prioritizes playing comfort beyond just scale length. It features a thinner neck profile of 48mm, which allows for easier fretting and minimizes strain on smaller hands. This focus on ergonomics helps to keep young learners engaged and motivated during practice sessions.

Quality Construction, Superb Sound:

Despite its reduced size, the CS40 doesn’t compromise on sound quality. The guitar boasts a spruce top, known for its bright and clear tone. The back and sides are crafted from either nato or agathis (depending on region), providing warmth and resonance. Completing the picture is a genuine rosewood fingerboard and bridge, which adds a touch of quality and enhances sustain.

An Encouraging Start:

The CS40 is more than just a well-made instrument; it’s a tool to ignite a passion for music in young minds. The combination of comfortable playability, good sound quality, and an affordable price tag makes it an excellent choice for beginners. With the CS40, children can enjoy learning the fundamentals of classical guitar playing and develop a love for music that can last a lifetime.

Additional Specifications:

  • Nylon strings (ideal for beginners as they are softer on the fingers than steel strings)
  • Chrome tuning machines for easy and stable tuning
  • Gloss finish (available in natural color)

While the CS40 is primarily designed for children, it can also be a suitable option for adults with a smaller frame who find full-size classical guitars uncomfortable.




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