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ADAM Audio T5V Studio Monitor


  • 5″ woofer (clear bass)
  • U-ART tweeter (wide sound)
  • 40W bi-amplified
  • DSP room correction
  • Compact design (<12″)

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Product Description

ADAM Audio T5V Studio Monitor: Unveiling the Details in Your Compact Studio

The ADAM Audio T5V isn’t your typical budget studio monitor. It’s a detail-revealing machine, meticulously crafted for the modern creator working in a home studio or tight workspace. Despite its unassuming size, the T5V packs a punch in sound quality and features, empowering you to make informed mixing decisions with confidence.

Precision at Every Frequency:

  • Uncompromising Drivers: The T5V utilizes a 5″ woofer specifically engineered for tight, controlled bass. You’ll hear the low-end details of your kicks, basslines, and sub frequencies with clarity, even at moderate volumes. High frequencies are handled by ADAM’s renowned U-ART tweeter. This tweeter, coupled with its unique waveguide technology, boasts a wide dispersion of sound, creating a spacious and detailed stereo image. No more moving around your workspace to find the “sweet spot” – the T5V delivers a consistent listening experience wherever you sit.

  • Bi-amplified Power & Control: Forget about muddy mixes at low volumes. The T5V employs a bi-amplified design (40 watts) with dedicated amplifiers powering the woofer and tweeter independently. This ensures precise audio reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum (45 Hz – 25 kHz), even at moderate listening levels. You can trust what you hear, allowing you to confidently sculpt your mixes with the knowledge that they’ll translate well to different listening environments.

Tailor Your Monitoring Experience:

  • DSP-based Room Correction: Your room shouldn’t color your sound. The T5V features built-in DSP technology, allowing you to combat unwanted resonances and reflections specific to your listening environment. This translates to a more neutral listening experience, ensuring your mixes translate well across different listening setups.

  • Compact Design & Flexible Placement: Don’t let its size fool you. Measuring under 12 inches tall, the T5V fits comfortably on most desktops, making it ideal for space-limited studios. Plus, the rear-firing bass port allows for flexible placement near walls without affecting low-frequency response.

In Summary (ADAM Audio T5V Studio Monitor):

The ADAM Audio T5V is more than a monitor; it’s a companion in your creative journey. With high-quality drivers, bi-amplified design, and DSP room correction, it empowers confident creation in compact spaces. Uncover mix details and hear your music as it’s meant to be heard.


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