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KRK Rokit5 Gen5 Studio Monitor


  • 5″ Kevlar woofer & 1″ soft dome tweeter
  • 55 watts bi-amplified design
  • 3 voicing modes (Mix, Focus, Create)
  • DSP-driven room correction (25 filters)
  • Compact design (fits most desktops)

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Product Description

KRK Rokit5 Gen5 Studio Monitor: Studio Monitoring Evolved for the Discerning Creator

The KRK Rokit5 Gen5 Studio Monitor is no ordinary compact studio monitor. It represents a significant advancement, carefully designed to provide unparalleled sonic accuracy and groundbreaking features for modern music creators. Whether you’re an experienced producer or just beginning your audio exploration, the Rokit 5 G5 enables you to perceive every nuance and make crucial mixing choices with assurance.

Unleash Your Creative Potential:

  • 3 Voicing Modes: Gone are the days of generic monitoring. Switch between Mix (flat response), Focus (emphasizes high-mids for detail work), or Create (boosts low-end for a more inspiring feel) with a simple button press. Tailor your monitoring experience to perfectly match the production stage, sparking creativity and ensuring your mixes translate well across different listening environments.

  • DSP-driven Room Correction: Your room shouldn’t dictate your sound. The Rokit 5 G5 tackles this head-on with a powerful built-in DSP and the free KRK app. Utilize 25 filter combinations to combat unwanted room resonances and reflections, effectively transforming your space into a pristine listening environment. No more fighting with acoustic treatments – the Rokit 5 G5 adapts to you.

Experience the Nuance:

  • Kevlar Woofer & Soft Dome Tweeter: Listen to your music as intended with the Rokit 5 G5. Its 5″ woven Kevlar woofer delivers tight, punchy bass while the 1″ soft dome tweeter ensures smooth and detailed highs. Experience clear and accurate sound across the entire frequency spectrum (43Hz – 40kHz).

  • Bi-amplified Design (55 watts): “Separate amplifiers power the woofer and tweeter independently for detailed and accurate sound reproduction at any volume, allowing for confident mixing decisions.”

Designed for the Modern Studio:

  • Compact Design: Big sound doesn’t require a big footprint. The Rokit 5 G5’s compact design fits comfortably on most desktops, making it ideal for smaller studios or home setups where space is a premium.

  • KRK App Connectivity: Take control beyond the hardware knobs. The KRK app allows for even finer EQ adjustments, subwoofer level control for seamless integration with your bass management system, and speaker placement assistance to optimize your listening environment.

  • Low-Resonance Enclosure: The Rokit 5 G5 minimizes unwanted coloration with its low-resonance enclosure design. This ensures a clean and accurate sonic picture, free from unwanted sonic artifacts that can cloud your judgment during mixing.


  • Woofer: 5″ woven Kevlar
  • Tweeter: 1″ soft dome
  • Frequency Response: 43Hz – 40kHz
  • Power: 55 watts bi-amplified
  • Inputs: XLR/TRS combo

In Summry (KRK Rokit5 Gen5 Studio Monitor):

The KRK Rokit 5 G5 is a sturdy and adaptable studio monitor, perfect for musicians, producers, and audio engineers of all skill levels. It’s not just a monitor; it’s a potent tool that enables you to create with confidence and hear your music exactly as intended.




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