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Donner DGL-1 Guitalele 28″ Travel Guitar 6strings Ukulele


Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist looking for a new travel companion or a beginner interested in learning a versatile instrument, the Donner DGL-1 is the perfect choice.

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Product Description

The Donner DGL-1 is the perfect instrument for musicians on the go. This travel-sized guitalele combines the portability of a ukulele with the familiar feel and sound of a guitar. Featuring a spruce top and mahogany body, the DGL-1 delivers a warm, bright tone.


  • Spruce top and mahogany body for a rich sound
  • 6-string design for familiar guitar playing
  • Compact size for easy travel
  • Includes everything you need to get started: gig bag, picks, and extra strings
Unleash your musical creativity anywhere with the Donner DGL-1 travel guitalele. This compact instrument is the ideal choice for guitarists seeking a portable companion or ukulele players looking to expand their horizons.

Warm Sound, Compact Design:

  • Spruce Top and Mahogany Body: Experience a bright, well-balanced tone with the combination of a spruce top and mahogany body. Spruce brings clear highs, while mahogany adds warmth and depth, perfect for a variety of musical styles.
  • Travel-Friendly Size: Take your music anywhere with the DGL-1’s convenient size. It easily fits into backpacks, gig bags, or even overhead compartments on airplanes, allowing you to practice or perform wherever inspiration strikes.

Perfect for Players of All Levels:

  • Familiar 6-String Design: Guitar players will feel right at home with the DGL-1’s standard 6-string nylon configuration. The nylon strings are gentle on your fingers, making them comfortable for beginners and experienced players alike.
  • Great for Learning: The guitalele’s smaller size makes it easier to hold and play compared to a full-sized guitar, ideal for those with smaller hands or children just starting their musical journey. The familiar tuning (typically DGBE) allows you to easily transition between the guitalele and guitar.

Everything You Need to Get Started:

  • Free Gig Bag: The included gig bag protects your DGL-1 from bumps and scratches while you’re on the move.
  • Extra Strings: Don’t let a broken string interrupt your playing. The DGL-1 package comes with extra strings to keep you playing for longer.
  • Picks: Start strumming right away with the included picks.




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