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Ernie Ball-RPS9 Series-Super Slinky-Electric Guitar String


  • Ernie Ball RPS Electric Guitar Strings
  • 6-string, 9-gauge
  • Reinforced plain strings for durability
  • Nickel-plated steel construction
  • Patented winding around ball end

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Product Description

The ERNIE BALL RPS9 Electric Guitar Strings

The ERNIE BALL RPS9 Electric Guitar Strings are a popular set of electric guitar strings known for their durability, balanced tone, and smooth playability. Ernie Ball RPS Electric Guitar Strings, 6-string, 9-gauge, are designed for discerning guitarists seeking durability and precision in their playing experience. With reinforced plain strings (RPS) that feature a patented winding of tightly wrapped brass wire around the lock twist of the ball end, these strings offer enhanced stability and longevity. The 9-gauge set provides a light and responsive feel, perfect for effortless bending and intricate playing techniques. Crafted from high-quality nickel-plated steel wire, these strings deliver a bright and articulate tone with exceptional clarity and sustain. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, Ernie Ball RPS strings guarantee consistent performance and reliability for all musical styles.


  • Construction: These strings are crafted using high-quality materials, featuring nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around a tin-plated, hex-shaped steel core. This construction ensures excellent durability and resistance to corrosion, preserving the strings’ tone over extended playing periods.
  • Gauge: The RPS9 set typically features a medium gauge, providing a balanced blend of playability and tone. The gauges for each string may vary slightly, but they are generally designed to offer optimal tension and responsiveness across all strings.
  • Tone: ERNIE BALL RPS9 strings are renowned for delivering a rich, well-rounded tone with enhanced clarity and sustain. The nickel-plated steel construction contributes to a warm yet articulate sound, making them suitable for various musical genres and playing styles.
  • Flexibility: With their medium gauge, these strings offer a versatile playing experience suitable for both rhythm and lead guitarists. They provide enough resistance for bending and vibrato techniques while maintaining stability and intonation.
  • Resilience: Designed with the RPS (Reinforced Plain Strings) technology, these strings feature reinforced plain strings that are less prone to breakage, ensuring longevity and reliability during performances and practice sessions.
  • Applications: The ERNIE BALL RPS9 Electric Guitar Strings are ideal for electric guitarists seeking a well-balanced tone, durability, and playability. Whether you’re playing rock, blues, jazz, or any other genre, these strings deliver consistent performance and exceptional sound quality.
  • Packaging: They typically come in a sealed pack to maintain freshness and prevent any corrosion or damage during storage and transit.
  • Legacy: ERNIE BALL is a renowned brand trusted by musicians worldwide for producing high-quality guitar strings since the 1960s. The RPS9 strings carry on this legacy, embodying the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence in string manufacturing.

Overall, the ERNIE BALL RPS9 electric guitar strings offer a reliable and versatile option for guitarists looking to enhance their playing experience with a durable, balanced, and sonically pleasing set of strings.


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