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KRK Classic5 Studio Monitor Pack


  • 5″ woofer, 1″ tweeter
  • 50 watts bi-amplified
  • Accurate sound (43Hz-40kHz)
  • Compact design
  • Includes cables & isolation pads

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Product Description

KRK Classic5 Studio Monitor Pack: Unmasking the Truth in Your Mix

The KRK Classic5 Studio Monitor Pack Powered Studio Monitor Pack isn’t your average budget monitor. It’s a truth serum for your audio, stripping away coloration and revealing the raw sonic details of your music. Ideal for home studios and content creators, this system empowers you to make informed mixing decisions with confidence.

Unveiling the Details:

  • Precision Drivers: Forget hyped-up bass or harsh highs. The Classic 5 utilizes a 5″ glass aramid woofer and 1″ textile soft dome tweeter for a transparent and balanced frequency response (43Hz – 40kHz). The woofer delivers tight, controlled bass, while the tweeter ensures smooth and detailed highs that won’t fatigue your ears. This combination acts as a sonic mirror, reflecting the true character of your audio.

  • Bi-amplified Power (50 watts): Each driver receives dedicated power from Class A/B amplifiers, ensuring optimal performance and minimal distortion. This translates to accurate sound reproduction even at moderate volumes, perfect for nearfield monitoring where you’ll be sitting close to the speakers.

Tailored Monitoring:

  • Flat Response or Subtle Bass Boost: The Classic 5 prioritizes a flat frequency response, revealing your mix’s true colors. However, a switchable +2dB bass boost function provides a touch of warmth when desired, allowing you to tailor the monitoring experience to your specific musical style or personal preference.

Ready to Create Out of the Box:

  • Essential Accessories Included: The Classic 5 pack equips you for immediate creation. Two XLR-M to XLR-F cables connect the monitors to your audio interface or mixer, while the included split foam isolation pads minimize unwanted vibrations from your desk for a clear and accurate listening experience.

  • Compact Powerhouse: Don’t let its size fool you. Measuring under 11 inches tall, the Classic 5 packs a punch and fits comfortably on most desktops, making it ideal for smaller studios or tight workspaces.

In Smmary (KRK Classic5 Studio Monitor Pack):

The KRK Classic 5 Powered Studio Monitor Pack offers accurate audio representation, empowering informed decision-making and versatile mix creation. Ideal for home studios or content creation setups.




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