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Jack Daniels-No.7-Tenor Size Ukulele


  • Tenor size (fuller sound)
  • Warm wood body (unspecified)
  • Rosewood fretboard (smooth play)
  • 4-string standard design
  • Comfortable 26″ size

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Product Description

Jack Daniel’s No. 7

The Jack Daniel’s No. 7 Tenor Ukulele goes beyond just looks; it offers a comfortable playing experience with a decent sound. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications:

  • Size: Tenor (larger body than soprano ukuleles)
    • Benefits: Fuller, richer sound, greater projection, potentially easier fretting for larger hands.
  • Scale Length: 26″
    • Benefit (assumed): More space between frets for easier playing.
  • Body Material: Sapele or mahogany (common for warmth and resonance)
  • Finish: Natural or vintage stain (evokes Jack Daniel’s heritage)
    • Potential benefit (depending on model): Subtle Jack Daniel’s logo or design elements.
  • Neck Material: Mahagony
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood
  • Number of Frets: Not specified (typically 18-20 on tenor ukuleles)
    • Benefit (assumed): More tonal options and playing possibilities.
  • Machine Heads: Standard chrome (for smooth tuning adjustments)
  • Strings: Standard 4-string ukulele configuration (material likely nylon or fluorocarbon)

Additional Considerations:

  • While the exact wood types are not always confirmed, the construction quality is generally considered decent for the price point.
  • The Jack Daniel’s design, with its natural or vintage stain and potential brand elements, makes this ukulele a standout choice for fans of the brand.
  • This ukulele is ideal for beginners due to its comfortable size and potentially included instructional materials (availability may vary).
  • Intermediate players will appreciate the tenor size’s expanded playing options and richer sound.

In essence, the Jack Daniel’s No. 7 Tenor Ukulele blends affordability, playability, and decent sound with a unique Jack Daniel’s aesthetic, making it a great conversation starter for ukulele players who appreciate a touch of Southern charm.


Jack Daniels


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