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Deviser-Dev-24-30-Concert Size Ukulele


  • Concert size (comfortable, richer sound)
  • Zebrawood body (striking grain, matte finish)
  • Mahogany neck (warm tone)
  • 4-string standard design
  • Rosewood Fretboard

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Product Description

Deviser DEV-24-30

The Deviser DEV-24-30 Concert Ukulele is a stunning and versatile instrument perfect for ukulele enthusiasts of all experience levels.


  • Concert Size for Comfort and Sound: Enjoy a comfortable playing experience with the well-rounded sound of a concert ukulele. This size sits between the soprano and tenor, offering a richer tone with more projection than a soprano, but remaining comfortable to hold compared to a tenor.

  • Striking Zebrawood Design: Turn heads with the unique striped grain pattern of the zebrawood back and sides. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication and helps prevent fingerprints.

  • Warm Mahogany Neck: Experience the strength, stability, and warm tonal qualities of a mahogany neck. Mahogany contributes to the ukulele’s overall resonance, making it perfect for various playing styles.

  • Standard Ukulele Playability: Featuring the standard 4-string configuration and a smooth fretboard (material may vary), this ukulele feels familiar and comfortable to play. The strings are likely nylon or fluorocarbon, offering a comfortable feel and bright, clear tones.

Deviser DEV-24-30: A Ukulele for Everyone

This ukulele is ideal for:

  • Beginners: The comfortable size and potentially included instructional materials (check availability) make it perfect for beginners to embark on their ukulele journey.
  • Intermediate Players: The concert size offers a good balance for exploring techniques and expanding your musical horizons.
  • Style-Conscious Players: The beautiful zebrawood body makes a statement and adds a touch of elegance to your playing experience.

Elevate Your Ukulele Playing with the Deviser DEV-24-30

This ukulele is more than just an instrument; it’s a captivating combination of beauty, playability, and warm sound. Visit our website today to learn more and bring the Deviser DEV-24-30 Concert Ukulele home!




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