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Yael-Y23-Concert Size Ukulele


  • Mahogany body for warm tone & comfort.
  • Rosewood fretboard for consistent sound.
  • 18 durable nickel frets for easy fingering.
  • Aquila strings for high-quality sound.
  • Compact soprano size.

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Product Description

Yael Y23 Ukulele

The Yael Y-23 Ukulele is a stylish and sophisticated instrument designed for ukulele enthusiasts of all skill levels. Its sleek black matte finish exudes a touch of class, making it a perfect companion for both casual strumming sessions and stage performances. But beneath its elegant exterior lies a well-crafted ukulele that delivers a warm, resonant sound.

Body Construction:

The Y-23 features a select mahogany body. Mahogany is a popular choice for ukuleles due to its tonal richness and affordability. It produces a well-balanced sound with a warm midrange, bright highs, and a touch of low-end fullness. The matte finish not only enhances the visual appeal of the instrument but also provides a smooth, comfortable playing surface.

Neck and Fingerboard:

The neck is crafted from mahogany as well, ensuring a consistent tonal profile throughout the instrument. Topped with a rosewood fingerboard, the Y-23 offers a familiar playing experience for guitarists transitioning to the ukulele. Rosewood is known for its smooth feel and bright tonal characteristics, complementing the warmth of the mahogany body.

Fretwork and Playability:

The Y-23 boasts 18 nickel frets inlaid on the rosewood fingerboard. Nickel frets are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting playability. The frets are carefully leveled and polished for smooth transitions and comfortable chording. The precise intonation allows you to play across the entire range of the ukulele without worrying about out-of-tune notes.


  • Overall length: Approximately 23 inches (typical soprano ukulele size)
  • Number of strings: 4 (standard ukulele tuning: GCEA)
  • Machine heads: Geared tuners for precise tuning and easy adjustments
  • Nut and saddle: Synthetic bone for improved sustain and clarity
  • Includes: Aquila strings (known for their high quality and sound)

Aesthetics and Style:

The Yael Y-23 is a looker. The black matte finish gives it a modern and sophisticated feel, setting it apart from traditional ukuleles. The absence of gloss eliminates unwanted reflections under stage lights, making it ideal for performers.

In Conclusion:

The Yael Y-23 Ukulele is a well-rounded instrument that delivers excellent sound quality, comfortable playability, and stunning aesthetics. Whether you’re a seasoned ukulele player seeking a stylish upgrade or a beginner looking for a visually-appealing and well-crafted instrument to start your musical journey, the Y-23 is definitely worth considering.




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