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Deviser -DEV-24-60- Concert Size Ukulele


  • Concert size (warm sound)
  • Matte zebrawood body (striking)
  • 4-string standard design
  • Mahogany neck (for strength & warmth)
  • Rosewood Fretboard

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Product Description

Deviser DEV-24-60

The Deviser DEV-24-60 Concert Ukulele isn’t just about looks; it offers a comfortable playing experience and decent sound quality.


  • Size: Concert (slightly larger than soprano ukuleles)
    • Benefits: Richer sound, fuller tone, more projection compared to soprano.
  • Scale Length: Not officially specified (typical concert scale length is around 15″ to 17″)
    • Benefit (assumed): Easier fretting and playing for some due to increased spacing between frets.
  • Body Material: Zebrawood back and sides (wood for top not specified)
    • Zebrawood benefits: Striking striped grain, durable, potentially contributes to warm tone.
  • Neck Material: Mahogany (common for ukulele necks)
    • Benefit: Warmth, stability, strength.
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood or ebony (common for ukuleles, exact wood not always disclosed)
    • Benefit: Smooth playing surface, contributes to warm tone (especially rosewood).
  • Number of Frets: Not specified (typically 18-20 on concert ukuleles)
    • Benefit (assumed): More tonal options and playing possibilities.
  • Finish: Matte (on zebrawood) and unspecified (for top)
    • Benefit: Zebrawood – avoids fingerprints and glare, maintains sophisticated look.
  • Bridge Material: Not specified (rosewood or plastic common)
  • Strings: Standard 4-string ukulele configuration (material likely nylon or fluorocarbon)
  • Accessories (may vary): Padded gig bag, extra strings, picks, strap

Additional Considerations:

  • While the exact wood types are not always confirmed, the quality of construction is generally considered decent for the price point.
  • The zebrawood back and sides offer a unique aesthetic appeal.
  • This ukulele is ideal for beginners due to its comfortable size and potential inclusion of instructional materials (availability may vary).
  • Intermediate players will appreciate the concert size’s expanded playing options.
  • Of course, players who enjoy unique aesthetics will find the zebrawood design particularly attractive.

In essence, the Deviser DEV-24-60 Concert Ukulele provides a blend of aesthetics, playability, and decent sound for ukulele players of various levels who appreciate a touch of visual flair.




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