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JSM-UK-26T-Tenor Size Ukulele


  • Tenor size (fuller sound)
  • Warm wood body (unspecified)
  • Smooth rosewood/ebony fretboard
  • 18 frets (more tones)
  • Standard tuners (easy tuning)

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Product Description


The JSM UK26T Tenor Ukulele offers an attractive combination of affordability, playability, and warm sound. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications:

  • Size: Tenor (larger body than soprano ukuleles)
    • Benefits: Fuller, richer sound, greater projection, potentially easier fretting for larger hands.
  • Scale Length: 26″
    • Benefit (assumed): More space between frets for easier playing.
  • Body Material: Mahogany
    • Benefits: Warmth, resonance, durability.
  • Neck Material: Mahagony
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood
    • Benefit: Smooth playing surface, contributes to warm tone (especially rosewood).
  • Number of Frets: 18 (common for tenor ukuleles)
    • Benefit: More tonal options and playing possibilities.
  • Finish: Natural or matte (depending on retailer)
    • Benefit: Simple aesthetic showcasing wood grain, helps prevent fingerprints (matte finish).
  • Machine Heads: Standard chrome (for smooth tuning adjustments)
  • Strings: Standard 4-string ukulele configuration (material likely nylon or fluorocarbon)
  • Accessories (may vary): Carrying bag, extra strings

Additional Considerations:

  • While the exact wood types are not always confirmed, the construction quality is generally considered decent for the price point.
  • The simple design with a natural or matte finish prioritizes affordability and functionality.
  • This ukulele is ideal for beginners due to its comfortable size and potentially included instructional materials (availability may vary).
  • Intermediate players will appreciate the tenor size’s expanded playing options and richer sound.

In essence, the JSM UK26T Tenor Ukulele offers affordability, playability, and decent sound for ukulele players of various levels seeking a comfortable and warm-sounding instrument.




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